We were priviledged enough to host another team from India. Cape Town showed us it's best through the week while we shot for the new fashion campaign. The production takes about a week. We're usually casting for the client before they arrive and the night they land is when we check clothes on the models. The second day is usually for location scouting and last model calls. Then we shoot, shoot, shooot. Morning till night. It's a lot of fun and a lot of work. It's a bit like a travelling circus.

Cool on the promenade

Gaby the star

Men on a mission

Fashion shot

Camps Bay Family

Table mountain in the background on a boat

Lets go surf

Sail away

Kids on the beach

Cool guy with flippers

Travel by the waterfront

Sunset on the beach

Thanks again to SA Media productions for everything. And thank you to SARAH! Queensanddolls. And thank you to Zac who was assisting. And thanks Unlimited Team. Did I miss anyone?

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