Who is Guy With Camera?

Guy with camera is a bit of a story that starts back in the day. I was on a shoot with King James for Johnnie Walker. The producer, Kath, started jokingly referring to me as guy with camera. After that I started this blog which was all about my stories while on shoots. I also had a lot of stories about Cape Town and Travel. For a long time I was all over social media but I've reigned that in a bit. I don't like to work for free for Zuck.

What's with the blog? Why don't you have a normal portfolio website

I want to tell the whole story. A lot of my commercial work has personal observations and domains of knowledge that are interlinked. The blog format was the orginal format of this website. Then I tried a few other options. One was to make it into a shop for prints. The other was just to make it a app that pulls from instagram. There's a big issue also because I really enjoy writing. I like to talk about my photos also and the experiences. A portfolio site doesn't really allow you to do that. There's something natural about the format of a blog or a journal and how a personal site on the internet works. It also shows the viewer the progression of work and the style drift.

Why does Guywithcamera exist?

I like using the psychological model because it's so easily accepted these days. I help people with their image problems. Mostly I exist to bring some sort of interesting perspective to a project or a conversation. I exist to create culture and improve human connection. I exist to express creative ideas and document life. It's a simple existence but I like it.

Why aren't you on social media?

I've had a bit of a reality check with social media. Firstly I think copyright is a vague issue with some of these companies. Also I feel like it's hard to commit. I used to be a force of nature on Facebook. Then it was twitter. Twitter was the thing. Then Instagram came up and now Tik Tok. The feeling is that platforms shift so quickly and it's more viable long term to develop this domain and also try focus on more real relationship strategies. Not just online. There's a life and there's a second life.

Where are you ?

I'm now in your head. Sorry. I'm here on the internet. I'll try harder to keep this site up. I've been travelling and exploring and thinking. I'm based in South Africa because I love living here. I'm not sure what the plans are for the future. I would of course love to take more pictures so that's what I'm going to probably do.