10th November 2010, in Inspiration (0 Comments)

The new Levi’s ads in the USA feature real people from Braddock, a small town in Pennsylvania. According to Levi’s they are “descendants of the pioneers who first wore Levi’s in the 1870s”. Besides using real people from the community in their ads and paying them standard model rates, Levi’s are also helping to rebuild the town and donating towards renovating historic buildings. Levis have also created a Braddock website, dubbed “The New Frontier Starts Here” which integrates beautifully in Google maps with embedded short films of cultural areas under renovation. It’s all very Sundance with the scribble credits and boxy stencil lettering.

The campaign’s call “To Work” plays on ideas of the joys of work, great work-wear jeans and small town community stories. I love the eerie locations, the depth and textures of the characters, the breaking frontiers ethic and all the extra details that they’ve gone into.

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