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31st July 2012, in Blog (2 Comments)

This morning we were taken on a tour organized by Cape Town Tourism of the Fringe District with the visiting international travel bloggers @velvetescape @landlopers @traveldudes and @wildjunket. The Fringe is a slightly gritttier area of the city on the border of District Six which is being promoted and curated Creative Cape Town and the Cape Town Partnership as a design an innovative district. It’s supported by quite a few public and private entities and it’s amazing to see how the area is changing and developing slowly as some great design thinking is being implemented. This is one of the areas you can already see the ideas around Cape Town Design Capital 2014 being put into practice. A few businesses you might already know in the area include, The Field Office, The Assembly, Charlys Bakery and The Book Lounge, Dias Tavern, The Fugard Theatre, District Six Museum and the Kimberley Hotel. There’s also a dedicted website for the Fringe: and you can of course follow them on twitter: @FringeDistrict.

From left to right, @velvetescape @landlopers @traveldudes and @wildjunket. You can follow their adventures in Cape Town this week on twitter with the hashtag #loveCapeTown and there’s an awesome page of the curated tweets here.


July 31, 2012 7:18 pm

Eeden la Grange (@eeden_lg)

I really like this… so little people just take the time and tour around their own city! great shots!

August 2, 2012 12:03 pm (@@cometocapetown)

Some superb pics, really captures the vibe and essence of the good old east city!

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