Santa Does Cape Town

08th December 2010, in Blog (0 Comments)

I don’t know if you spotted Santa in Cape Town this week? He’s been having a pretty stressful year, and lets be honest, every year the population of screaming snotty children with bigger and more expensive present requests almost doubles. So his PA elf suggested he should take a quick couple of days off to relax in one of the Worlds most beautiful cities. I was lucky enough to catch him hanging out at some of his new favourite spots.

Here he is enjoying coffee at his favourite downtown coffee spot, Deluxe…

It’s getting hot, so he also enjoyed taking a dip in the Wembley Square pool in the afternoons…

Choosing some new summer shirts from bluecollarwhitecollar in Kloof Street…

Drinking with friends at the very cool new spot in Bree Street, French Toast

Exploring the city, especially the beautiful downtown architecture. He’s not into the huge commercial spots.

Reading the weekend Argus at RAW in Vredehoek just before Saturday morning eggs benedict and salmon.

Riding his bike around the town and also onto the peninsula. Something I wish I did more often.

Working out at the Wembley gym. He actually stays reasonably fit during the year, the elves put him in a fat suit for shoots.

Taking a nap on the couch.

Merry Christmas guys. Thanks for reading my blog and for all the support. – Andrew

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