63 things I’d like to shoot before I die.

20th May 2012, in Blog (3 Comments)

The Black Keys recording at Abbey Road. Big wave surfing from a helicopter. Norwegian Fjords. Steven Meisel’s portrait (he goes in front of camera once every 15 years). A perfume ad with Charlize Theron. Barack Obama and family at home. Young Cape Town couples kissing. An editorial for ACNE PAPER. Streets of San Francisco during the Book Festival. One of those crazy ads for for United Colors of Benneton. The Album Art for an Arcade Fire Album. The ceremony when Robert Mugabe hands over to a new Government. David Hockney painting in his studio. Malema in a Range Rover. A swimwear campaign featuring Alessandra Ambrósio. Mark Zuckerberg’s desk each morning for a week. Money in Manhattan. Shop fronts of London’s Savile Row. Incredible India. A week with chinese artist Ai Weiwei. Biking through Chile on a Triumph. People walking through art galleries. Cape Town in the rain. Old parts of Beijing before they get destroyed in ‘The Renovation’. Yachting down the coast of Croatia. Spending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with Michael Kors in New York. Burning buildings. Summers by the beach in Durban North. Child soldiers and their drawings. Lions on a grey backdrop. An outride with Deus ex Machina in Bali. A documentary on African Storms for National Geographic. A Portrait of Marc Jacobs for FANTASTIC MAN. Kele Okereke (Bloc Party) smoking a cigarette outside a bar. Cartier Snow Polo in St. Moritz. A New York surf trip with the label Saturdays NYC. A campaign for Louis Vuitton involving Candice Swanepoel. John Travolta in his Gulfstream G2. Water and cityscapes of Istanbul.  Hot Chip at some small London gig. Portraits of the first astronauts off to Mars. Scootering the Amalfi Coast. Somebody in an X-Ray Machine. Alain de Botton at a desk in a library, preferably something like Strahov Monastery Library in Prague or the Austrian Melk Library. A beauty campaign for Calvin Klein. Mexico City at night. A fashion story for Monocle Magazine set in Copenhagen. Fighter Pilots with Helmets on like some Robert Longo paintings. Stills of Marion Cotillard in a some kind of cinematic film noir style for TANK Magazine. Lionel Messi mid-air for an Adidas. Pictures inside Abramovich’s new spot in Kensington Palace Gardens. The Serpent Temple in Ouidah, Benin. (It’s supposed to be the birthplace of Voodoo). Thousands of South Africans for Portrait of a Nation. Across Eastern Europe and Asia by Train like a ‘Paul Theroux with Camera’. All 80-something cars in Porsche-Platz, the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. Hipsters in Seattle (shot in an ironic fashion of course). A portrait of Thom Yorke looking slightly less anxious. That flower shop in Milan in the San Marco quarter. Beirut. Desmond Tutu. Various areas of Paris. People on rooftops.



June 5, 2012 1:08 pm

Fiona Hare (@@fionahare)


August 19, 2012 3:37 pm

sandy coffey

Josie Borain took a photo of Steven Meisel in the 80’s. She promised a print to me one lazy afternoon. Its sublime. when i next get to cape town, i am going to pull it out of her.

August 19 2012 16:57 pm

Andrew Brauteseth

please do.

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